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Stage performing is one of the most difficult methods of acting, only topped by impromptu shows where you act off the reactions and feedback of your audience. The reason stage productions are hard is because there are a lot things that can go wrong and there is no way to do it over again. If a mistake happens on a stage production, then you and everyone involved will have to go on pretending like the mistakes were part of the performance that was supposed to be given anyway. This is why managing or directing a stage performance is so difficult.

One of the most difficult parts of a stage performance is the lights. This is actually more hard than the cast itself since if a cast member makes a mistake the others can simply react to it and then it will all go on as if there was no mistake at all. However, when it comes to lights, it becomes more difficult. Lights, just like the performance, has to be carefully choreographed to go hand in hand with the production. That is why you will benefit from hiring stage lighting rental singapore, from a team that knows what they are doing. Because if the lights do not come on when and where it is supposed to, not only will it throw the actors off but it will also mean that the actors have to pause because if the audience cannot see what is going on, then there really is little point of the whole show. Also if a light comes on too soon, it could expose a plot point before it was meant to by revealing a person hiding in the shadows.

Another important part of a stage show is the audio. There is only so much an actor can shout, to make sure that the person in the last row hears, before the show becomes a joke. To most parts the audio is handled by the venue itself, if the venue is a proper place. This is because some venues are designed specifically to make the sound carry on to the end of the room. However, to help this along it is important to use audio support. This normally is in the form of boom mics that pick up on the audio of the stage and the broadcast it through speakers. This method is often being used because having actors have attached mics can upset the whole theme of the play setting.

These are two key elements of a good show and if a director can get these two items to work well and together with the rest of the play the other mistakes and bumps along the way can be very insignificant.

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