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The first and most important rule is to ensure that all your employees are well above the legal limit for consuming alcohol. Failure to adhere to same will hold you liable for any unfortunate event that may arise from their intake of alcohol while employed in your service. Things can get a little out of hand at year end parties and trips and this is where you have to be more careful. This does not mean that there needs to be babysitting done form your end , after all you have employed adults of sound mind that needs to be held liable for their actions but it is more your civic duty to ensure your that your employees are taken take up when they are employee with you.

If the event in question is a formal event it is important to control the circulation of the liquor and this can be done through providing the service through trained servicemen who know by intuition when to stop serving a certain individual politely.in an informal event such as a dinner dance or a part this would [rove to be rather challenging than  during a formal event so how you can tackle the situation is serving limitedalcoholicbeverages free of charge or only offer free food and non-alcoholic drinks on the house while the hard liquor has to be paid for.

In any one of these events, by serving snacks and bite sized complimentary such as olives and cheese from cheese shop Singaporealong with the alcohol you will be able to have a more well paces intake that will result in more conversation and interaction with out just a bunch reaching out for the next shot.

Deviation from alcohol does not have to come only in other forms of food and drink, it can also include informative and interesting entertainment items, presentations and speeches that will evolve around the subject matter in discussion during the event in question.

As a further precautionary step you can also have the serving bar open during specific time and hold service while important presentations and speeches are in session. You can also have restricted operating hours for the bar during the whole event in order to ensure that nobody is too high early on to the proceedings or will create a commotion during the latter stages of the day.

It is important to  send the message across to your employees that alcohol is not a must as all work events .this will make sure that you have a more disciplined crowd during event that do have alcohol on the menu.

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