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A lot of event venues and banquet places have chefs.  However some of the best venues does not have chefs around won’t offer food catering. It’s definitely going to be pretty stressful looking and hiring for a catering service. However if you come across really good event planners, they will be more than happy to book a catering service for you that will live up to your expectations. Below are some tips before you hire a caterer for your event.


You should always choose a professional catering service with a history of successful events. Since food plays a huge role in any event. So that when you look back at your wedding reception or even a birthday party, you will be glad that you hired this particular catering service.

Sample the food

It’s a must that you taste the caterer’s food. It will basically give you a chance to taste it as well as get to know how it will be presented. This will also be a really good time to meet the chef and get to know more about the menu. You will be able to plan out how you want it and how it should taste and it should be adjusted the way you want it. Make sure you ask how the food is prepared too.

Request for past events

You should be able to ask the catering service for their previous event pictures and details. So that you get an exact idea on how the whole thing works. These pictures will actually give you an idea on how their past events had been set up.

Ask for available services

Any event catering Singapore will be more than happy to give you with whatever the service they have. Certain caterers may have full services than any other places. They will be able to provide you with tables, chairs, florals and linens. You also can give them an idea about how you want the event to be and how the food should be served as well. Certain caterers will only provide the food and food service and you will have to coordinate with all the other items.

Review the food and the service

It a must that you meet your chef in person and check out the place as well. It is also one of the best ways to avoid any disappointments.  When you meet in-person it can give you a change to check out how clean and smooth the operations are around.

Should be well organized

If you want the whole event to run smoothly, you have to make sure the caterers are organized as well.  This shows how a good sign of the company as well.

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