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Numerous myths surround the ideology of the perfect dinner party. Some say it is best hosted with the help of an outside catering outfit, others say it is best done with your own labour and with nobody else poking their noses in your business. Either way you want it done, there are few universal things that you need to be sure of before you go ahead with your planning. Read on to find out what they are.


As with any good dinner party, there’s always a particular supplier that you turn to for your food and drink needs. You, therefore, have to secure a few of them ahead of time so that closer to the date of the event, you can ask them to make the necessary arrangements.

These don’t have to be people you know – you can even make your contacts online. For example, there are good online vendors for red wine Singapore – all you have to do is research and choose which is most convenient.


If you are one to hand out work and delegate, then it is no surprise that you are hiring a company to do the catering. This is completely fine, and in fact, will reduce your burden to a great extent – worry wise. Just make sure that the company you hire is legitimate – ask your friends for recommendations before you sign on with a company. Also, make sure the waiters that they provide you with are aware of what they are serving, as guests tend to ask.


This is obviously a given, but you have to know your guests beforehand – in the sense of what they like and do not like to eat, what they drink, what foods they’re allergic to, what food they would stay away from, what alcohol they do not agree with etc. Having this information with you will prove advantageous in deciding a menu and side dishes as well, as this will save you a ton of money and effort by informing you what dishes you should not make.


Usually, people tend to find it favourable to have their dinner parties at home – if you home is large enough with a sizable living room and dining room, it should be fine; however, if you feel your house is too small for the number of guests you are inviting, there is no harm in looking elsewhere – such as a restaurant or hotel – in the interest of space, to hire your venue.

Your dinner party should be perfect – look into these details and make the necessary arrangements, and they will be.


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