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Every little girl dreams of having the most fairy tale wedding possible for herself. It is one of the most special and important days of her life which she would want to cherish for the rest of her life. Similarly, parents would want their kid’s big day to be extra special. Whether it is the location, food, dress and make up, entertainment etc. However, all these will be ideally planned by considering the budgets and the limitations of the parties involved.

Deciding on the location

When deciding on the location, the couple needs to decide whether they want an outdoor greenery wedding or a traditional indoor wedding. In which case there are totally different considerations that will need to be addressed. To make this a very special day you will select a location that is magical and a place where you could tell stories about for generations to come. For instance, you could select bali wedding venues ubud where many people come to enjoy the mystical atmosphere and the soothing sunset. Having your wedding under that sunset would relax the mentality of your guests. If you are not residing in bali, and most of your guests are not either, then you may come across a doubt as to whether the guests will turn up as expected, however, many would feel reluctant at first, but after a few hours of pondering over the idea, they will consider this to be a good time to have a vacation right after the wedding celebration. Or before.

Cash in your pocket

The next thing that you will need to consider is the cash availability. You need to be equipped with the sufficient cash for a wedding. This would involve, expenses on food, entertainment, lodging and dresses and suites. Spending according to your budget is essential. Since it is the beginning of a new journey, it would not be ideal to start it with debt.


The next thing is the convenience. You need to make sure that the location selected is convenient to the most important family members that you have. Similarly, you may need to consider the people who are coming externally. For instance, if you have a favorite band of musicians, you may need to see if they are comfortable with the date and the venue. Since they are performing, it needs to be done while they are very comfortable. If not, they would not be able to put up a good show. Also, if there is no other option, you will have to select another group of musicians to provide entertainment for your wedding.

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