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Who doesn’t love pasta? It comes in so many shapes and can be made any way you like. White cream sauce pasta or Bolognese or anything you like. Pasta has gained a special place in everyone’s diet, its become the most adored cheat meal and the primary meal for most.

One of the main reasons pasta is so loved is because of how convenient it is to prepare. Even if you aren’t the best cook, making pasta is so simple. Boiling it and adding whatever you want on the top.

To get the taste of authentic pasta, we can try any most restaurants that serve them (best Italian restaurant Singapore) but the real taste of this dish comes from none other than Italy itself. Don’t be saddened, you don’t have to wait to go to Italy to get your pasta cravings satisfied, most Italian restaurants that serve Italian cuisine will have what you are looking for.

So, having said that wed are still not very eager to eat this if you follow a diet plan because of all the carbs, but there are ways to satisfy those cravings and still keep on tracks.

Portion control is your best friend. Yes, that’s right! Keep those pasta plates small, you would be surprised at the number of calories you can save if you simply cut down the quantity you consume. Serve a small amount of pasta and fill your plate with other foods that complement it, such as vegetables. Your plate and tummy will be filled but the calories you consumed would only be half of which you would have consumed if you only ate a whole plate of pasta.

Don’t overdo it with the cheese. We are all guilty of this. Pasta and cheese are bestfriends and we tend to overdo it with cheese when it comes to pasta, unknowingly consuming twice the number of calories. Be mindful with that cheese and remind yourself to keep it cool. Try not to mix the cheese in the pasta sauce and instead to use some on the top while eating or if you have already used cheese in the sauce, don’t add anymore cheese when eating.

If you are a regular pasta eater, try to eat it in a healthier way. Use a lot of vegetables and only a little pasta. Add vegetables to your pasta sauce instead of loading up on cheese or meat. Try to used homemade sauces as opposed to store bought. Make pasta salads! There are some very yummy salad recipes out there made with pasta.

However, every once in a while, you are allowed to go all out and enjoy an extravagant dish of pasta made to your liking with all that cheese.

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