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The attention of most kids nowadays is glued to their gadgets. Plenty of kids’ idle time is spent on playing video and mobile games which has a great detrimental impact on a child’s health. Although most parents try their best to keep their kids at bay with gadgets, it is still worth considering to engage them in physical activities as these will greatly benefit them in the long run.


With the child’s health in mind, a lot of agencies started to promote activities that boost a good physical and mental health. In countries where mixed-used residential communities are extremely dense like Singapore, one of the activities that are highly recommended are swim lesson Singapore private and public pools provide.


And if there’s one thing that your kid must learn from this lesson, that is drownproofing.

What is Drownproofing?


Drownproofing is a technique for water survival that prevents you from sinking or drowning. When you learn this technique, it increases your survival rate from water disaster scenarios. This technique used to be practised in Navy SEAL training, but with the rapid increase in the many cases of accidental drowning in children, this technique is now being taught to children as young as four years old and adults.


How is it done?


The technique allows the swimmer to float with ease in a vertical posture, keeping the head above the surface. The arms and/or legs are used in order to exert a downward pressure while submerging in the water. While doing this, the swimmer will try to raise himself to maintain the level of water beneath the chin and be able to breathe.


Benefits of Drownproofing


To learn at least drownproofing even if you’re not a good swimmer can increase your survival rate.  For most children that are sometimes left unsupervised in public or private pools, its a big advantage that they know drownproofing. For instance that they get slipped and fall into the water, they would know how to make their self-float and be able to call for help.

Drownproofing can also be used if by any chance you got stuck from flooded areas as this technique will keep you afloat.


Aside from this, drownproofing also provide the same way of burning your calories when you swim because you also exert efforts in making yourself to float by moving your arms and legs.


Key Takeaways


To learn how to swim does not mean you are going to compete. For practical reasons, knowing how to swim is by way of improving your chances of survival in situations where you will need to swim. Keep in mind that 75% of the earth are bodies of water which makes swimming an apt survival skill that you and your kids should learn today.





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