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Human bodies are made by millions of cells. Cell death is written in to all the cells when we are born itself. Although there is nothing that we know of, which can miraculously delay the cell death and resulting human death, it is commonplace knowledge that good living can make a drastic difference in when one actually dies, meaning cell death can be delayed by good habits such as eating right, exercising and stopping bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

Modern obsession

Amongst many obsessions of modern day, youth and beauty has a front seat. However it is not now that this is so prominent. We have herd of Cleopatra’s milk bathes and kohl in darkening and enhancing eyes and ancient Indian Ayurveda secrets of not only keeping the beauty but also the youthful appearance. It must also be understood that youth and beauty are two things; one can be beautiful even at 60. Whereas the ancient sciences focused on keeping these aspects via natural and Ayurvedic means, the 21st century sees an abundance of artificial means for fulfilling the same objective. It includes but not limited to things such as plastic surgery, Botox injections, cosmetic uplifting of skin, fat extractions and even non-biological means such as using a beauty enhancer when taking a photo! The focus on the body as a vehicle for self-identity and expression, making beauty an indicator for social worth, is sadly forefront in the society today.

How to stay young?

Apart from these non-natural ways of “looking” young, is there an actual method of staying truly young? The answer is, yes. Yes, you can, by sticking to the age-old habits of eating more vegetarian food and working hard, if not at a gym then maybe at work like the oldies did. There is no need of scientific research but it has been proven time and again by those as well, what too much of fat, cholesterol and sugar can do to you. Following dangerous fads such as drugs and smoking can make you look decades older than you really are. Look at someone who works out and exercises regularly; do not be surprised that they look so young. Another reason behind youthful appearances, is the mind; as one famous person once said, age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind then it does not matter!

Stay happy- stay young

Keep a positive attitude in life. As in “Pollyanna”, try to look at the silver lining that is undoubtedly appearing in all the dark clouds. Look at all those people missing limbs and still fighting their way through to life. Read more about exercising and designing a workout plan according to your age. As much as 90% of ageing is due to factors that are manageable by us, such as exposure to sun, habits like smoking, pollution around us and of course, the mind. Using sun cream and abstaining from smoking can help your anti-ageing plan with a compliment from working out the right amount.

So delaying ageing IS possible. You just need to stick to the plan of natural food and burning them the right amount.

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