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Known to be the most heavenly modification of bread cake is the ultimate basic sweet dessert and widely known to be the happiest food as it is used as the main dessert to enhance the jubilance and compliment any kind of celebratory occasions. Based on their flavor, texture and mixing methods cakes are generally classified in numerous ways such as sponge, foam, butter etc. by professional bakers. But for those whom enjoy home baking the classifications are rather simple and basic namely, fruit, chocolate, velvet and so on. It is how the basic batter is prepared which will eventually determine the final color and texture of the respective cake. While you may have a favorite cake are you aware that there are over a thousand types of mouthwatering cakes that you still haven’t got the chance to try? Shown below is a basic list of different types of cakes that you ought to try in order to enhance your cake knowledge and embrace a little chance.

Butter Cake

The most well-known cake in which the very basic batter of cream butter and sugar is mixed to be tender and moist isintroduced is used as the basis for the evolution of many drool worthy cakes. This is the simplest form of cakes which has a widely known extended family. The world famous butter cake family include marble, white, chocolate etc.  Pound cakes are also a close relative of this category where the name pound cake is initially generated because all the ingredients used in the preparation of the cake are measured as a matter of proportion. Variations of pound cake include, different types of coffee cakes, fruit crumb cakes etc. such cakes are lightly flavored and usually served either plain or topped with a simple yet delicious glaze.

Sponge Cakes and Angel Food Cake 

Initially originated in Italy sponge cakes are quite similar to angle cakes as it contains a lot of egg whites or whipped eggs. While angle cakes only contain egg whites. Sponge cake recipes rarely contains baking soda or baking powder. This specific type of cake is used in the forming of Swiss rolls and puddings such as trifles. Angle cakes tend to be sprinkled or drizzled with fruity syrups or flavored glaze.

Moon cakes, Hummingbird and Lamington Cake

Moon cakes is a traditional Chinese festival food. Most popular during the Chinese mid-autumn festival    as a whole full moon symbolize the reunion and the prosperity of the family. A round moon cake is used compliment the harvest moon. It has a rich filling typically made from lotus seed or red bean paste with a thin crust. Interested in tasting this tasteful cultural bliss best mooncake Singapore is your most recommended choice of place. The hummingbird cake is a delicious dessert made by the combination of fruits such as pineapple, banana, apples etc. spices and vanilla topped with a generous amount of cream cheese frosting. Originated in Australia lamingtons are single layered cakes coated with a layer of chocolate ganache and again re coated with desiccated coconut often baked in squares. 

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