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Watching your baby grow and reach several milestones in her development can be very enjoyable and rewarding as a parent. And when her birth date nears as she’ll be turning one, it can be very exciting.

Every parent wants to make the celebration of their baby’s one year of existence a special one that would be memorable. Although a baby may not be able to recall such an event, it’s still worth celebrating the blessing of an adorable baby that has since already been a year for parents. And pictures of the day will show your kid how much she’s loved when she looks back, which at the same time, will make great remembrances for you.

As your baby’s special day nears, and you’re planning her 1st birthday party Singapore has a lot in store to get you covered for your celebration.

Choose a Theme You and Your Baby Will Enjoy

Your baby can’t really decide for herself what she’d like for the celebration. So it’s up to you what theme to have for the event. It has to be something you’re comfortable with that your baby will also enjoy.

If you’re one who opts to keep it light, you can just have a simple celebration with some balloons and paper decors. You can also add pictures throughout your baby’s primary year to the decorations for a personal touch. But if you wish to have a theme that’s more fun and interesting, there are plenty of great options for themes like cartoons; rainbow; seasonal; circus; cupcakes; and etc.

Go with Finger Foods

As the adults will have children to be tended to and with all the excitement for the kids at the event that they might not eat that much, finger foods would be the best option. It’s both hassle-free and practical. Prepare foods like veggies with dip, sliced fruits, crustless tea sandwiches, french fries, mini meatballs with dip, mini cupcakes, and etc.

Don’t Forget the Bib

As your baby is all dressed up for the event, you don’t want your baby’s attire to get messed up. So put a bib on her to not get her clothes messy.

Have the Celebration After Nap Time

After a good nap, she’ll be well rested and have loads of energy to enjoy the event with her guests, eating and playing. She’ll have more fun that way and won’t get cranky.

No Need for Too Much Fuss

It doesn’t have to be too extravagant nor have many activities. Too over the top parties can also be overwhelming for babies causing them to cry. Tone it down and go with something more chill but also enjoyable. You can just have some food laid out, toys put out for kids to play with, and watch over your baby enjoying the celebration.

As your baby turns one, it deserves a celebration for both her and you as a parent for having been there to love and care for her.

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